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Most of the catalogue was written by the main author, the late James Lang, and these entries are not signed. Entries or parts of entries written by other contributors, including Rosemary Cramp, John Higgitt, David N. Parsons, Derek Craig and Louise Henderson, are signed with their initials, usually at the end of the Discussion section except in the case of the inscriptions, with two exceptions.

All the identifications of Stone Type and provenance are by John Senior. (Brief entries for a few lost sculptures seen only by the main author, or otherwise unobtainable, are in square brackets.)

Except for those stones found by the author or his informants, the Evidence for Discovery sections are by Derek Craig, but these entries are not signed unless substantial. The Present Location sections have also been updated by him, and he has compiled the References and the Bibliography.

Editorial notes are indicated by the abbreviation (Eds.).

This volume discusses a total of 448 stones from 82 separate locations. The main catalogue includes 375 fragments from 66 sites, with an additional 73 items in the appendices.

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