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The third volume of the Academy's Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture deals with one of the richest sculptural areas of the country, eastern Yorkshire. It has been compiled by James Lang with great diligence and energy. The material throws fascinating light on the art of the Anglo-Saxons in general, and in particular on the taste of the Scandinavian settlers of that region and of those who worked for them. Recent excavations in the city of York have been responsible for a vast increase in our understanding of Viking England and this volume will form an indispensable tool to all who tackle this fast-growing field of study.

The archive of the material presented here is housed in the Department of Archaeology of the University of Durham, together with the other material assembled in the formation of the Corpus, where it is at all times available for consultation by scholars. The Academy is most grateful to the University of Durham and to the General Editor, Professor Rosemary Cramp, for the considerable support they have given to this project over many years. The Committee is grateful for the patience and forbearance of the British Academy and their staff in all matters concerned with this project, not least for their financial and administrative support. It also wishes to pay tribute to Eric Cambridge, the project's Research Assistant, for so energetically getting to grips with the many technical problems inherent in the production of this complicated volume.

Chairman, Committee for the Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture, 1989